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Cold spell likely benefited fields

Representatives of Hefty Seeds at this year's Gordyville farm show / CIFN photo.

NEWARK – While many of us shivered through record low temperatures earlier this year during the so-called “Polar Vortex,” this was likely beneficial for fields as they prepare for another growing season.

Matt Anzelc, a sales agronomist with Hefty Seed Company, is hopeful the cold winter temperatures will be beneficial for the soil moving forward after tar spot greatly impacted yields in northern Illinois last season.

“That was a big shocker for 2018,” Anzelc admits.

Farmers in DeKalb County were hurt with low yields due to tar spot and other diseases. Anzelc heard an entomologist say the deep freeze of late January and early February could have wiped out all of the Emerald Ash borer issues in Illinois.

Hefty is a seed, chemical and fertilizer company, selling its own line of corn and soybeans along with brands such as LG and Stine. The bulk of the business comes from chemical sales.

“We sell name brand and generic chemicals and fertilizers,” Anzelc said.

The company thinks of itself as an ideal supplier for the farmer who applies their own chemicals. More information can be found at:

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