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Snodgrass: Active weather to continue

Eric Snodgrass, right, talks weather with folks attending this week's Ag Outlook Meeting in Covington, IN.

It may not be the news farmers want to hear but we can expect an active weather pattern through April.

“It’s going to be a parade of March lions all the way into April,” said Eric Snodgrass, atmospheric scientist with Nutrien Ag Solutions, during the All Day Ag Outlook Meeting at the Beef House from Illinois Public Media.

A much more active severe weather season is expected as spring begins and the biggest threat to planting progress is excess soil moisture. The frequent large spring storm systems will result from a ridge over Alaska breaking up.

“This year there is no drought across the Corn Belt at all,” Snodgrass adds.

When it comes to the longer term weather outlook, European models have not put cold weather in April or May. In fact, May could have a slight dry bias. July may be warmer than average with no major drought threat.

Snodgrass will be closely monitoring ocean temperatures along the western coasts of California and Mexico since cold water near those coasts often means we have hot dry summers.

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