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Application timing, traits important

Clint Prange of Beck's Hybrids speaks to local farmers in Graymont this month / CIFN photo.

There are plenty of ways for farmers to be more efficient while still raising a good crop. This includes changing application timing and selecting the newest traits available.

Clint Prange, a regional business manager for Beck’s Hybrids, has noticed a bigger “bang for the buck” with foliar and fungicide applications on soybeans early in the day. Also, proper fungicide timing on corn can lead to a $14 advantage by applying early in the morning versus late in the afternoon. The morning versus afternoon application on beans saw about a $7.83/acre advantage.

New trait technologies for both corn and soybeans include: QROME, a new rootworm technology from Pioneer. This includes above and below ground protection ton control rootworm pressure; Powercore involves various technologies from Monsanto; Xtendflex will be useful for the entire industry utilizing dicamba, liberty and Roundup.

“We still need European Union approval on that,” Prange said.

Prange was a speaker at this month’s annual insurance and agronomy meeting hosted by Graymont Cooperative at the Graymont Town Hall.

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