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2019 crop insurance discussed

Abby Mays discusses insurance options during a meeting at Graymont this week / CIFN photo.

GRAYMONT – There isn’t much new for crop insurance in 2019, although a multi-county enterprise unit is getting some attention.

This contains all acres together when calculating a claim and there are several ways to qualify for the enterprise unit.

“Our hail rates have also been lowered for this year,” explained Abby Mays during the GCA Insurance meeting Thursday morning at the Graymont Town Hall.

Replant claims must be turned in before replanting or the claim will be denied. Also, March 15 is the federal sales closing date for crop insurance this year.

“Your grain must be delivered in the same name as the policy is written,” Mays reminded the audience.

Fellow GCA insurance agent Donna Van Weelden explained a new replant option which allows early bird coverage, giving farmers the chance to plant 20 days before the earliest planting date. Crop insurance companies are now adding private products to enhance benefits.

Van Weelden acknowledges that crop insurance is an expensive product growers need to use to the best of their ability to market their insurance guarantee throughout the year.

The GCA Insurance Department can be reached at 815-743-5982 or 800-214-0325.

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