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Rep. Bennett talks ag, county fairs

State Rep. Tom Bennett is shown at the recent Illinois Association of Ag Fairs convention in Springfield / CIFN photo.

SPRINGFIELD – With a large number of new faces in the Illinois General Assembly, this is the perfect time to remind those lawmakers of the importance of Illinois agriculture.

“Agriculture is a big part of the economy in the state of Illinois,” said State Rep. Tom Bennett of Gibson City during the recent Illinois Association of Ag Fairs convention.

Bennett believes county fairs are crucial to the state as they not only showcase agriculture but help families and kids better understand accountability. With more than 40 new faces in Springfield, those involved in ag are encouraged to make connections letting them know of any concerns.

“We need to have the voters of Illinois reaching out to the new legislators. They’re trying to learn what’s going on and trying to figure out what the issues are,” Bennett added.

Newly appointed Illinois agriculture director John Sullivan is a great choice to lead the department, according to Bennett who feels he understands agriculture.

“I am really looking forward to working with him the next four years.”

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