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Farmer seated on board

Gerald Thompson is shown at this week's McLean County Board meeting in Bloomington / CIFN photo.

COLFAX – Farmers in northern McLean County are represented by one of their own as area farmer Gerald Thompson was officially seated on the McLean County Board this week.

Thompson acknowledges that it feels good to be on the board – an example of working hard for something one believes in.

“I think having the opportunity to finally get here is, I won’t say a dream come true, but it’s certainly something you’ve worked for that has come to fruition,” Thompson told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

Agriculture is a big part of McLean County with a long history there and Thompson considers serving on the county board a major responsibility he looks forward to. Those in the rural areas often feel underrepresented and Thompson wants to change that.

“I think they have a feeling that if you’re from Cropsey, Bloomington is a long way away.”

McLean County Board Chairman John McIntyre reminds the public of the 10 districts in the county, which means board members represent Bloomington-Normal and all of the other areas as well.

“We have six rural representatives of our 20 members plus people like myself who grew up in a rural area,” McIntyre said.

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