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View from the Cab: Many Thanks

Becky Taylor of the Livingston County Soil & Water Conservation District discusses agriculture with Chicago fourth graders last week / CIFN photo.

Most events would not be successful without all of the dedicated volunteers working behind the scenes.

This is true for the annual Chicago farm visit to the Blunier and Kilgus farms by students from Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences in Chicago. The 90-plus fourth graders and chaperones were able to experience farm life thanks to those involved with the Livingston County Farm Bureau.

“The kids are phenomenal,” Livingston County Farm Bureau President Jason Bunting told me. “They are acting really good and are probably one of the best classes we’ve had in close to a decade of doing this.”

The chaperones and teachers seem to take away as much from the trip as the kids do. This is good because they can go back to Chicago and tell everyone they know how farm life really is and what happens on the farm.

It was good to see local FFA students helping out with last week’s farm tour. Emma Jacobs, Julianna Meier and Lucas Roe were helping with hands-on agriculture activities. All three are members of the Pontiac FFA Chapter.

“They match different seeds with the food products they go into,” explained Jacobs.

“The kids seemed to really like the game and were really surprised by some of the seeds and what they went into,” said Meier.

Roe enjoyed exposing the kids to ag and was impressed with their responses to questions.

“Some of them were really close sometimes and I don’t know if they were just guessing or if it was what they were actually thinking but I thought it was kind of cool to see.”

Whether you opened your farm up for the tour, helped serve pork burgers and hot dogs or taught the kids a thing or two about agriculture – thank you. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by those of us in the industry.

(The View from the Cab blog is sponsored each week by Petersen Motors in Fairbury)

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