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Planting leads to other fieldwork

(CIFN file photo)

FAIRBURY – The rapid planting season has led directly into side dress and spraying season for corn.

When it comes to post-planting corn spraying, Brad Schmidgall of Brandt Consolidated suggests looking at how the recent rain impacted your early herbicide applications.

“Keep an eye on your weed size,” said Schmidgall. “You always like to see your corn get up, get going and have a little size to it before we spray.”

If a field has strong weed pressure, now is the time to make that post application to make sure weeds stay under control during the season, according to Schmidgall. Growers in the Fairbury area had a great planting window this year.

“Once we started into corn, we were able to move most guys through beans, or 85 to 95 percent through beans, all in one swatch.”

Most of the crops put into the ground in recent weeks have emerged in Central Illinois.

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