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'Fast and furious' season continues

(CIFN file photo)

CROPSEY – Farmers in the Cropsey area missed several rain events in recent weeks and that’s a trend most don’t want to see continue.

“We just need Mother Nature to do her part now,” said Bryan Cole, plant manager for the Cropsey Brandt Consolidated location. “Monitor how your crops are coming along as a lot of beans and even corn are laying in dry dirt.”

Pre-plant spray applications are winding down and several farmers are finishing up soybean planting. Cole expects most post-season spray applications to start about 30 days after planting. This could start sooner than normal since there aren’t too many answers for dealing with water hemp.

“It’s best to not even let it get going,” Cole said.

Cole cautions farmers to be mindful of their neighbors when spraying and being aware of their surroundings.

The Brandt Cropsey facility can be reached at 309-377-3121. Cole’s phone number is 217-249-4656.

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