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Consider 2018 herbicide plans

(CIFN file photo)

Since pre-season spraying will start any time now, growers are encouraged to make herbicide plans if they haven’t already.

The retail sales manager for Springfield-based Brandt Consolidated, John Allen, recommends having a first good layer of soil active herbicide on the ground before or at planting time.

“Then you need to come in there at that 15 to 28 days to evaluate those soybeans and, depending on the weed spectrum, you need to think about your second application of a residual,” Allen explained.

Allen recommends becoming aware of what is planted in adjacent fields, especially during the spraying season.

“We’ve got to make certain that we do a better job of stewardship so we can keep that (dicamba) tool available.”

According to Allen, Brandt Consolidated has delivered much of its seed inventory to customers by now. Some growers would still like to apply spring anhydrous ammonia once field conditions allow.

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