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Transitioning to another year

(CIFN file photo)

It seems like only yesterday the fall harvest started slower than usual and now the end of the year is here.

With some of the weather extremes in 2017, many feared the bushels wouldn’t be out there but they were wrong.

“The next thing you know, we’ve got really good crops,” explained John Allen, retail sales manager for Brandt Consolidated.

Allen believes 2018 is shaping up to be an interesting year for ag as growers must be ready to use dicamba without abusing it in order to keep the weed control tool in place for a long time. Seed ordering is underway and Allen does not think the number of corn acres will be up.

Thanks to the right genetics in the field, extra bushels are what saved many farmers this year.

“Doing all the little things that add bushels is where we think the best opportunity is at for 2018,” Allen said.

Allen admits the great fall weather has been unbelievable but many places are dry. We will need quite a bit of precipitation this winter to get the ground moisture back up.

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