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Return of the Roof mower

Historic Roof mowers are displayed at the Threshermen's Reunion near Pontiac this week / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – The Roof mower is making a comeback this weekend at the Threshermen’s Reunion near Pontiac.

The event’s first vice-president, Aaron Rients, was instrumental in bringing the mowers back to the show. Not only does he have a nice collection of Roof mowers, but his grandfather worked for Roof Manufacturing and was the hired farmhand when Earl Roof made his first weed mower.

“He was with the company all the way up until about 1980,” recalls Rients. “He designed the Roof Palamino which is the one that looks like a Jeep.”

When the Threshermen’s Reunion featured Roof mowers back in 2005, Rients once again decided to get involved with the annual event.

“It had been a few years and I said that’s a local heritage piece we need to bring back at some point.”

There is even a group of Roof fans called the Roof Rider Association. This year’s display is much larger than the one in 2005 since the group has discovered more people who own the mowers and are interested in them. A collection of brochures and fliers can be found in the general store at Threshermen’s Park.

“We’ve got hats, t-shirts and can cozies for sale, too,” added Rients.

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