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Weed questions remain

(CIFN file photo)

Despite a number of meetings and a season with new chemical technology under our belts, questions remain about handling water hemp in soybean fields.

Growers are still trying to find the perfect herbicide to take care of resistant weeds.

“Today, there’s not that perfect herbicide. Each field is a little different,” says Ed Corrigan, technical agronomist for Brandt Consolidated.

According to Corrigan, growers must fully understand what each field has built a resistance to and then switch to another mode of action to help solve the problem. He suggests clipping off the top of a water hemp plant and sending it off to a university to analyze what the weed is resistant to.

“Then, we’ve got a plan for the next couple of years as to how to manage with what product to get the best options for control,” Corrigan added.

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