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Teaching others about chickens

Lorien Nergard stands by her chicken display at the McLean County Fair / CIFN photo.

BLOOMINGTON – One young 4-H’er is hoping to teach others a thing or two about chickens during this week’s McLean County Fair in Bloomington.

“When we first got our chickens, I spent a lot of time in the coop with them,” said Lorien Nergard of Deer Creek.

Nergard is operating an educational stand inside the poultry barn with a guess the breed game, chicken facts, connect the dots and even a digestive system maze. Nergard said the idea came to her while sitting with her own chickens one day. This is her first year with the stand.

“I give them little checkups where I basically check on them and make sure there is nothing wrong. I make sure their feet are clean and sometimes even give them baths,” Nergard explained.

She was holding one of her chickens while speaking with fair attendees Wednesday morning.

“She’s getting a little sleepy.”

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