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Fields look good so far

(CIFN file photo)

GRIDLEY – After some decent rains over the past couple of weeks, area corn and soybean fields look pretty good.

The Gridley area received 2.3 inches of rain back on June 17 and areas to the south near the Mackinaw River had up to five inches fall.

“We needed that rain bad not just for the crops but for our residual herbicides that we have been putting on,” explained Bill Roth, manager for the Brandt Consolidated Gridley location.

According to Roth, soybean spraying is almost complete in his area. Most of the corn and soybeans in the area got through the early June dry spell okay and the rain came at just the right time. Corn fungicide application is right around the corner, as the airplanes will start flying once the tassels start shooting out of the plant.

“We are just pretty big fans of the fungicide at tassel time. We just believe you get a return more often than not,” Roth said.

In just about a month, Roth expects soybean fungicide and insecticide applications to begin.

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