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Farmer Friday: Matt Boucher

Matt Boucher poses in his shop with his Farmall 826 / CIFN photo.

DWIGHT – If you travel west of Dwight a few miles, you will discover a true family farming operation.

Matt Boucher lives with his wife and three kids on the farm which he has been running for 14 years. Boucher raises corn, soybeans, wheat and cover crops in addition to selling seed and working with agricultural drones. He is also a dealer for Precision Planting and 360 Yield Center.

“I love going out talking to farmers and learning from them,” Boucher says. “Hopefully they learn something from us as well. It’s just a passion of mine to go out and help farmers increase their potential.”

Boucher admits there is nothing like being out on your own ground producing a crop on your own soil. Family comes first for the Bouchers and everyone pitches in to help out, although they stay busy attending ball games and everything else that goes with raising a family. Boucher’s father is 72 and still helps out when needed by driving tractors and performing other tasks.

“We had an opportunity pretty much right when I got out of college, when we were basically relocating our farm at that time, to step in and take over for my uncle who wanted to retire,” Boucher recalls.

Overall, Boucher is pleased with the way things turned out in 2016 as he saw some of the best corn yields ever with very good soybean yields.

“You never know what is ahead of you. You’ve got to have a positive outlook because if you don’t, why even farm at that point?”

By visiting, non-farm visitors can participate in a segment known as “Farming 101” to find out what farmers do. The farm also has a presence on Facebook and Boucher’s business venture of seed and drones can be found at

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