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View from the Cab: Field Delay Checklist

(CIFN file photo)

Who wants to start placing bets on when we will plant the first corn seeds this year?

If the weather forecasters I have been listening to are right, we could be in for a late spring. Some weather models are indicating an active weather pattern for at least the next 30 days, which takes us well into May. We could see a few dry days here and there, but not quite enough to dry everything out properly.

Now that we have extra time on our hands, what do we do – twirl our thumbs, take a long nap, pace around the house? I think not. Here are a few suggestions on how farmers can beat those springtime field delay blues.

  1. Visit the coffee shop. You know you will have a good time with your buddies and solve all of the world’s problems all at the same time. Just remember one thing: what happens at the coffee shop stays in the coffee shop, much like Vegas.

  2. Check rain gauges. Nothing says farming more than dumping a rain gauge after a big rain event. Just make sure the neighbors or passing motorists don’t catch you running outside wearing nothing but an old pair of shorts to see how much rain fell.

  3. Stay away from sharp objects. Just remember to take some deep breaths and relax…planting time will eventually be here.

  4. Get your tractor fix by driving around in circles so you feel like you are accomplishing something. Nothing improves our moods more than getting behind the wheel of the big machinery.

  5. Mow the yard and a few ditches while you are at it. You can pretend you are doing fieldwork, especially if you are mowing a large open area. Just do the ends first and then start going up and down in straight rows.

  6. Spend some time in a drier climate. There is still time for a little spring getaway before the fieldwork begins, according to weather experts. Visit the desert then you will be in the mood to come back to the swampy area we call Central Illinois.

Be sure to check these items off your farming to-do list if you get the chance. It may not help the situation but it certainly can’t hurt.

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