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Tech notes before heading to field

Growers learn about ag technology during an open house at Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth / photo courtesy of JD Skaggs.

CHATSWORTH – A new web-based data transfer system simplifies data management for farmers.

Ag Leader offers a new feature which automatically transfers data between displays. This was among the items discussed during a spring open house at Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth.

“It has turned your data management program into an on-site, in-field processing system rather than having to use software,” said Nu-Ag’s Tim McGreal.

McGreal said Ag Leader’s program developers considered all of the knowledge farmers have and how simple growers want data management to be. In the past, this was a complicated factor for farming operations.

“Your recorded data from throughout the spring just appears in that display. It’s the same way with harvest – any data that you’ve logged all year long will just appear in your harvest monitor.”

On the tile installation side of things, Soil Max has developed a new back filler called the Shaper Pro. This does a nice job of conditioning spring tiling.

“You can get in there quicker and get some planting done,” McGreal added.

Nu-Ag Technology has been busy finishing up equipment installation for customers before they head to the fields in April.

More information can be found at or by calling 815-635-3011.

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