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Crop insurance deadline approaches

Farmers attended an insurance meeting at the Graymont Town Hall in February / CIFN photo.

GRAYMONT – The federal crop insurance deadline is sneaking up on farmers.

March 15 is the sales closing date, according to Donna Van Weelden of GCA Insurance. Van Weelden and Abby Mays presented a crop insurance update recently at the Graymont Town Hall.

Everyone qualifies for basic units and some may qualify for enterprise units which the government subsidizes at a higher rate. The earliest insurance planting dates are in April and the final planting date for many area counties is June 5 for corn and June 20 for soybeans, although LaSalle County is different.

“Please make sure you contact us before replanting,” said Van Weelden.

Several enhancement tools are offered to make policies better. The added price option has been added this year. This is an extra payment for bushels lost.

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