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IPPA disappointed with newspaper

IPPA President Bob Frase is shown at IL Pork Expo last winter / CIFN file photo.

The Illinois Pork Producers are disappointed in a series of articles in the Chicago Tribune focused on the Illinois pork industry.

In a letter to the editor IPPA President Bob Frase said, “We are deeply disappointed that our voice was not heard and that the integrity and balance of reporting promised by the Tribune staff was not conveyed to their readers.”

According to Frase, pig farmers are constantly looking for ways to improve the way they raise pigs and finding better ways to safeguard the environment for families, neighbors and future generations.

“This sensational effort by the Tribune – that failed to accurately share the pork industry’s point of view is a disservice to all of Illinois’ hard-working farm families.”

Frase reminds the public that additional resources can be found on the homepage of the Illinois Pork Producers Association website at

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