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View from the Cab: Learning never ends

Visitors to the McLean Co. Fair milk a cow / CIFN photo.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn more about agriculture at summer fairs.

I am always impressed with the Food and Farm Fun Zone at the McLean County Fair. Last week’s exhibit didn’t disappoint as visitors had the chance to enjoy animals and activities. Hopefully, a few city folks learned a thing or two about rural life by visiting this award-winning exhibit.

“People who don’t understand food or their food supply should come out and see it,” explained fair manager Mike Swartz.

Children had the chance to drive a simulated combine, milk a cow, see piglets and do hands-on ag activities. My kids always love the exhibit. In fact, it’s hard to get them to leave the building when it’s time to go.

Swartz reminds the public that the McLean County Farm Bureau is not just pro-production ag but is also pro-organic farming as well.

In Illinois, 97 percent of farms are family ones. The numerous farm families in the state care deeply about food, farming and answering questions from the public. More information can be found at

If you missed the ag exhibit at the McLean County Fair, stop by the one at next week’s Fairbury Fair. We hope to teach people a thing or two about ag. Members of the Prairie Central FFA chapter will be on hand to help out and I’ll be doing my fair broadcasts from that area. Also, look for me with the wondering microphone and camera. You could be my next interview.

The Fairbury Fair should be a good one. Visitors will enjoy all of the updates to the grounds, such as the new restrooms facilities and bleachers. Plus the midway is a little busier with a circus on hand and extra carnival rides. More info on the event can be found at

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