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View from the Cab: Where did time go?

By: Kent Casson

Is it just me or does time seem to go quicker and quicker?

How can it be we just wrapped up another Fairbury Fair and are headed back to school? Now, it’s on to fall football, birthday season around our house and harvest one of these days.

Our whole summer may have flown by but we sure had a fun-filled and eventful one. I look back fondly on our many family memories throughout June, July and early August. We even managed to squeeze a vacation in there to Missouri!

It was special to unofficially kick off summer over Memorial Day weekend with our fishing trip and cookout at the family pond. Kenadee caught a fish, we saw a snake and I almost torched the dry grass and vegetation by lighting a firework. We were concerned with the dry weather at the time but little did we know the grass would green up once again later in the summer and the crops would push through this period.

We hosted our annual June party on the farm with family and friends, billed the “Longest Friday” celebration. This is always a special day on our calendar. Everyone had a great time seeing me do a live radio show from the front porch and watching the Golden Embers band play in the front yard. The family even got up for my early morning radio show at 5 a.m. to watch the sunrise from the front of our house.

Independence Day was a full one for the Casson family but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We started the day with Rebecca’s family at Towanda then headed to Chenoa for a live parade broadcast and ended the holiday with my side of the family for a longstanding picnic tradition.

The very next day, we ventured south to Branson, Missouri for a getaway full of swimming, eating, relaxing and enjoying our time together. The shows were amazing and so were the donuts! Our ride on the duck boat was memorable and we even drove a golf cart on nature trails. The trip home included a stop at one of the largest Bass Pro Shops.

Historic Farm Days at Penfield was a highlight of mid-July as we strolled through rows of machines from yesteryear. Since we enjoy green tractors, it was neat to see the John Deere Model D featured and the Deere brand in general. The kids have a tradition of browsing the toy tractor vendor booths.

This year’s Livingston County Ag Fair was fun and the weather wasn’t bad. Kasen did well in the dairy show and we stayed busy with chores, scooping ice cream, emceeing events and catching up with friends. We practically lived on the fairgrounds for four days.

New Fairbury Fair memories were made this summer as well. Now, we have a seventh grader, third grader and preschooler. This has me constantly asking, “where did the time go?”


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