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View from the Cab: Look on the bright side

By Kent Casson

With all of the gloom and doom in the world all we need to do is look outside. Wait a minute, it’s gloomy out there too.

As of this writing we are going on day number 20 it seems of clouds and fog though they assure us sunshine is in the forecast. In fact, by the time you are reading this, I expect a number of sunny days to be upon us with extremely mild temperatures for early February.

We simply need to make our own sunshine in life if Mother Nature isn’t always going to give it to us. I find listening to music and eating the food I love to be very therapeutic in brightening up a dim day. You can’t go

wrong with some good tunes blaring on the radio and a delicious dinner in the slow cooker.

One of my winter pastimes includes attending high school basketball games. Yes, it is part of my job as we broadcast these games on a local media network, but it is enjoyable to see the action from local gymnasiums each Tuesday and Friday evening. This gives me something to look forward to during the winter months when farming season hasn’t ramped up just yet.

Family time is priceless and we manage to create many new memories in the wintertime. Coming off of a fun weekend at the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs convention in Springfield and an enjoyable trip to the Precision Planting Winter Conference with my son, we are enjoying youth basketball. Our oldest daughter, Kenadee, is playing in the local Upward basketball program and is a joy to watch.

Then, there are 4-H meetings, jazz band practices, and other school activities. Our son, Kasen, is fun to watch when he performs with the junior high band. In addition to a few concerts and music programs in our future, it sounds like track meets will be on the calendar as well.

Before we know it, temperatures will warm, days will grow longer and we will be getting the 4-H calves on our farm for another fair showing season. Our kids love when the animals arrive each year and treasure their time outdoors around the barn.

Despite the dreary days, we make our own light and encourage you to do the same. Hang in there. Spring will be here in a matter of weeks.


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