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View from the Cab: A week for ag

By Kent Casson

It’s a big time of year for farmers as this is National Ag Week.

Ag Day is always celebrated the third week in March and the campaign is promoted on a national level by the Agriculture Council of America. The week recognizes and celebrates the abundance provided by ag as several involved with the industry join together to recognize ag’s contributions.

Americans are encouraged to understand how their food is produced and to value the essential role of ag in maintaining a strong economy. They should also appreciate the role ag plays in providing a safe and abundant food supply.

In an effort to build awareness, the Agriculture Council of America encourages our young people to consider career opportunities in the field of ag.

Did you know an American farmer feeds more than 165 people? That’s quite an increase from just 25 people in the 1960s. Agriculture in America is doing more with less and doing it better. Thanks to a growing world population, there is a great demand for food produced right here in our nation.

“Whether one farms the land, raises livestock, works in the agriculture supplies or retail sector, are a weed scientist or grows fruits and vegetables for farmers markets, American farmers and American agriculture produce food, fiber and fuel for millions worldwide,” said Jenni Badding with John Deere who serves as chair for National Ag Day.

The recent Ag Day on the Hill provided an opportunity for folks to interact and network with Congressional members and Hill staff. Leaders in the agriculture, food and fiber communities attended the event while USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack addressed attendees.

Students in grades 9-12 were able to enter the National Ag Day Video Essay Contest on the topic of “Agriculture in the Future: If I had two minutes to talk to a farmer.” The winning video essays will be available online and run in the National Ag Day Virtual Program.

I hope you celebrate agriculture this week and every day of the year. Remember, if you ate breakfast today, thank a farmer. In fact, if you eat anything, you are automatically connected to agriculture. Let’s eat to that!


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