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View from the Cab: Almost show time

By: Kent Casson

It will be like Christmas in August for those of us in agriculture as the Farm Progress Show returns to Decatur for three busy days in late August.

Farmers can visit the 70th annual show Aug. 29-31 on the grounds next to Richland Community College and see the latest and greatest in agriculture. There will be plenty of ride and drive opportunities for tractors, sprayers, side-by-sides and the newest trucks. Watch up-close demonstrations of corn harvest, tillage and tiling or sit back and watch autonomous equipment do the work with no human interaction required.

A canine show referred to as the best animal act ever by TV personality Howie Mandel will be a highlight along with the chance for attendees to cool off and enjoy a cold one at Syngenta Square. If you download the Bayer Events app and pre-register by Aug. 28, you could win the use of a golf cart for the day. Bayer will be located at lot 213 of the show.

I’m excited to learn more about an aerial ATV anyone can fly. The RYSE RECON is an ultralight electric vehicle that can take to the skies above fields. It is powered by six electric motors and carbon blade propellers spin at 2,000 RPM and it is supposedly pretty quiet when flying. A user could be in the air after less than an hour of training.

They say it is easy to operate with no pilot’s license needed. RYSE RECON has a total approximate payload of 250 pounds, a top speed of 63 miles per hour with a 25-minute maximum flight time.

You won’t leave the Farm Progress Show hungry as there will be four food courts with one in each quadrant of the grounds. A variety of items will be offered such as hamburgers, chips, hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, ice cream, ribeye steak sandwiches and more. Also, RV and camper parking are available for the show, just north of the grounds. There is no fee to park and the grounds open to camper and RV parking after 12 p.m. Monday, Aug. 28.

Those attending can call ahead to reserve a golf cart in advance but must show proof of disability for cart rental. Carts will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Visitors are allowed to bring their own carts but a pass must be purchased from the golf cart provider. Vehicles that idle on their own like ATV’s, Gators and lawn mowers are not allowed on the grounds.

More details on the upcoming Farm Progress Show can be found by searching for the “2023 Farm Progress Show” in your app store. You can also visit the website


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