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Last minute planting advice

FAIRBURY – Some growers have already ventured out to the field with their planter while others are making final adjustments to machinery.

If you haven’t already, this is the time to get the planter set correctly making sure depth is even across all rows.

“Not every day can you just keep adding things to that planter and make a difference,” says AJ Olsen with Jenner Precision. “Let’s get it set first.”

The Jenner shop has been busy looking over planters in recent months and remote service technicians have been out and about on farms. Olsen suggests making sure chains are oiled and the tension is right while checking bearings and seed tubes.

“Make sure the disk opener depth and size is correct.”

It seems farmers are ready to get back out into the fields following several winter months of being stuck inside. The same holds true for others working in the ag industry.

“Hopefully, this year we can do what we enjoy the most at Jenner Precision – hopping in cabs,” admits Olsen.

Olsen’s territory runs from Fairbury south to Maroa and over to Springfield. Jenner Precision’s area stretches from the Indiana state line to west of the Illinois River and down to Decatur. The three Jenner locations include Taylorville, Harristown and Fairbury.

In his previous job at Springfield, Olsen was always impressed with how growers in that area would head to the fields a bit sooner than other parts of the state with the pattern shifting north as the spring progressed.

“You can just about set your clock to it and start meeting with those guys earlier than the ones up by Fairbury,” Olsen said. “The practices are the same but timing is the biggest difference.”

Jenner Precision can be reached at 815-692-6655 or you can call Olsen at 815-685-0997. He is based at the Fairbury office.


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