In the field with Jenner Precision

FAIRBURY – Precision ag advisor Nate Kelson has heard varied yields in the territory he covers for Jenner Precision based near Fairbury.

It seems soybean fungicide application has paid off for many growers and corn starter programs have made a difference this year.

“On fungicide, I’ve been hearing 10 bushels on the beans,” Kelson said.

Farmers are able to get nitrogen right where they want it with starter applications, according to Kelson.

A hot item this fall is the stalk devastator from Yetter Manufacturing. The product was so popular the company actually sold out of them.

“I’ve been out in the field helping guys set those and get their corn head at the right angle.”

When it comes to plant stand out in the field, Precision Planting’s vDrives and DeltaForce seem to make a difference each year. Kelson has been excited about the liquid systems Jenner Precision has installed during the past year.

“I think going into the winter, more people are looking at either fine tuning their liquid system with different attachments or adding a liquid system to their planter,” Kelson added.

Even though it is still fall, this is a good time to think about future planter needs since supply could be an issue come February or March due to COVID.

“We’ll have some good yield maps overall for guys to look over and look at different trials to see what really brings in the profit.”

Kelson said he enjoys sitting down with customers and looking at where they want to be with ag technology – whether it is steering, combine or planter attachments. Small things can make a big difference in efficiency.

Jenner Precision is located west of Fairbury and can be reached at 815-692-6655.

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