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View from the Cab: A season to remember

There is nothing better than that feeling of having all of the crops in the ground.

Alright, maybe high yields with high prices have a feeling that’s hard to beat but getting through another planting season isn’t so bad either. While this season was not quite as bad as 2019, it did have its share of challenges since everything began back in early April.

We started off fairly dry but the cold temperatures didn’t go away. Many growers planted corn and soybeans into cold soil and those seeds sat in the ground for several weeks before emerging. We learned about the power of seed treatments this year especially on soybeans.

I know last year was extremely late as we were putting corn in the ground in June but this year’s planting season seemed to go on forever because of all the rain delays. It seemed there would be three or four days of good weather followed by a week or more of wet conditions. I’m just glad our early planted soybeans survived and look okay now and that the April planted corn eventually came out of the ground.

This planting season is one we will remember for a long time as it was during the pandemic. When things felt unreal in the world around us, a return to farming with the nicer weather brought a sense of reassurance. It was a great feeling to get out of the house during the shutdown and enjoy the open field. As an added bonus, Rebecca and the kids were able to ride in the cab several times during April and May.

I have a new appreciation for the farmers of yesterday after replanting corn with our little two-row planter. It was fun for a while, but became more of a chore once I tried to cover more acres with that small tractor and planter. My nose is still red from the sunburn I received and don’t even ask about my farmer’s tan! Let’s just say I have a head start for summer.

Activity in farm country has shifted from putting seed in the ground to taking care of the crops by spraying, cultivating and side-dressing nitrogen. The wheat harvest will begin before we know it then we will see all of those airplanes buzzing the skies applying fungicide to corn and soybean fields.

Our fingers are crossed for timely rains and adequate growing conditions this summer.

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