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Focus turns to growing bushels

SPRINGFIELD – During times of uncertainty for agriculture and low commodity prices, growing bushels takes on extra importance.

“COVID-19 has changed so many things in the world – not only in our daily routine but the impact on the economy,” notes John Allen, retail sales manager for Springfield-based Brandt.

There are always peaks and valleys in the industry and we are in a valley with meat plant challenges impacting livestock and crude oil’s effect on ethanol and the corn market.

“No doubt we are looking at a little bit of a valley and we’ll get back up to the peak here,” explained Allen. “I’ve got to be optimistic about the future.”

Farmers are paying extra attention to corn prices since there are plenty of fixed costs associated with raising the crop. Anything which can be done to impact yield is necessary to navigate the current times we are in.

“The best thing we can do to put ourselves in a good situation is to grow as many bushels on those acres as we can,” Allen added.

Prior to the recent wet spell, Allen observed plenty of corn and soybeans go into the ground across the Brandt territory. With herbicides applied the past few weeks, the decent rains should have gotten the surface-applied nitrogen and herbicides working.

“You’ve got to have a good rain early in the spring to get that stuff working.”

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