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A new normal for farmers

A farmer plants corn north of Pontiac last week / CIFN photo.

CABERY – The coronavirus era is becoming the new normal for local farmers like Jason Bunting.

The Livingston County Farm Bureau president and Livingston County Board vice-chairman feels for the livestock producers as he and his wife, Tasha, are small producers with sheep and cattle. Tasha also serves as the livestock lead for Illinois Farm Bureau and has been on the phone nonstop for the past few weeks, trying to help others during these trying times.

“What we don’t know I think is the scary part right now,” admits Jason.

Livestock farmers are highly stressed with processing plants having to close or take their numbers down for social distancing.

“We are going to come out on the other side of this stronger than what we were going in.”

Bunting has been using technology to the best of his ability lately with county board Zoom meetings. He feels when we get through all of this, government entities, organizations and even businesses may change the way they do things.

“This technology has worked out well the last six weeks,” Bunting noted.

Bunting planting update:

The Buntings have been happy with the way things are going so far this planting season as they are two-thirds of the way done with corn. They put in over 30 acres of alfalfa and oats back on April 8 and starting planting corn April 20.

“It has just been going nice and easy while not going too terribly late at night.”

Field activity starting for Bunting last Monday morning leveling off chiseled corn stalks and then he hit it hard by Tuesday. During this wet weather spell, Bunting has been taking care of livestock and doing other work around the farm.

Bunting appreciates a rainy day every now and then to re-group and spend time with the family.

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