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CARES Act virtual town hall

Ag producers may qualify for benefits under the new CARES Act.

Rob-See-Co and KCOE ISOM are sponsoring a Virtual Town Hall: CARES Act and SBA Loans Update this Wednesday (April 15) at 1 p.m. You can register using this link:

KCOE ISOM is the nation’s leading Food and Ag consulting and accounting firm with experts who will provide information about who and what qualifies for benefits under the CARES Act. Join us for this informational call.

Featured Speakers include Brian Kuehl, head of the firm’s federal and public affairs division and works with people and organizations who have differing interests and helps align them toward a common goal along with Kala Jenkin, an Agriculture Consultant and specializes in helping ag businesses stay profitable in challenging times. Together they have kept on top of all the changes and guidance and been advising 100s of businesses on how to interpret, apply and take advantage of these loans and regulations.

The coronavirus epidemic and strategies to mitigate the epidemic such as Shelter in Place recommendations are negatively impacting producers and other ag businesses through reduced demand for ethanol-based fuels and thus lower commodity prices.

These challenges are reducing the ability of producers, independent contractors, and other ag businesses to cash flow their business. Growers may qualify for Independent Contractor grant back loans under the Paycheck Protection Program of the CARES Act.

Recently Congress passed a bill called the CARE Act to provide much needed support to individuals and businesses adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The purpose of the act is to provide financial grants and loans to maintain employment and viable businesses through the Shelter in Place phase of the pandemic.

Producers and other ag businesses may also qualify for the Paycheck Protection Program, SBA disaster loan and other support under the Act. There are several qualification criteria so please join the call. In addition, find information at

Applications for Independent Contractors started being accepted on Friday, April 10. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your lending institution.

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