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Full season where the yield is

Customers visit the LG Seeds booth during the Greater Peoria Farm Show / CIFN photo.

BLOOMINGTON – Many growers substituted corn hybrids this year due to the lateness of the season but those in the seed industry are promoting fuller-season corn.

Scott Meyer, area sales manager for LG Seeds, is glad farmers made the proper adjustments for 2019 but hopes things return to normal from a seed standpoint in 2020.

“We went to earlier maturities and they seemed to do really well on yield but we are telling customers to go back to what they saw a couple of years ago because our main yield comes from those fuller-season hybrids,” Meyer told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

From an economic standpoint, it was a good move to change out varieties this year so corn could dry down. Meyer talked with one grower who had $65-70 per acre in drying charges.

“It’s been a very expensive year for the farmers.”

For 2020, Meyer recommends hybrids like LG’s 5650 which has a good overall disease package and test weight. This has been a dominator for the company during the past several seasons.

When it comes to soybeans, LG plans to stay with Liberty Link and Roundup Xtend. Meyer feels the Xtend beans currently have the best performance but that doesn’t mean the company won’t move to Enlist beans down the road.

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