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Fall work halted for now

(CIFN photo)

GRIDLEY – Despite the pre-season winter storm system this week, local ag retailers have a decent start on fall fertilizer spreading and lime application.

“We even started on ammonia last week a little bit toward the end of the week,” said Bill Roth, manager of the Brandt Consolidated Gridley plant in McLean County.

Goals once growers get back into the fields include getting the rest of the crops out and finishing fall fieldwork. The Gridley area had 2.5 inches of rain last weekend before more rain and frozen precipitation fell this week.

Roth estimates two-thirds of the beans and half of the corn is harvested in his area. Yields are variable as it all depends on which direction you go.

“If you go north of here, it hasn’t been quite as good and south, it’s been a little bit better,” he said. “I would say soybeans have been more consistent as far as yield goes.”

Late planting followed by a dry summer was a bad combination for the growing season, but Roth is still amazed at what today’s crops can produce.

This is a good time for farmers to catch up on soil tests, fall burndown on no-till acres and seed purchases for the 2020 season.

“I hope everybody has a safe rest of the fall and hopefully we can get our work done soon,” Roth added.

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