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Kubota launches large tractor

A new tractor is shown at this year's Farm Progress Show / CIFN photo.

Kubota is dedicated to getting into the ag market so it has launched a full sized tractor known as the M8.

This is an expansion of the M7 from five years ago, according to Kent Brown, senior product manager with ag tractors at Kubota.

“If you are going to get into the ag market in the U.S. today, you’ve got to get bigger,” Brown noted.

The company has launched the M8-191 and M8-211. These tractors are built for material handling, the hay market and row crop farming. Brown says they can perform many tasks on the farm.

“People aren’t buying these specialty tractors just to specialize in one application anymore.”

Customers always want more hydraulic flow so the tractor will have up to 42 gallons a minute and it can be outfitted with an M77 front end loader. The Kubota is capable of pulling lighter tillage equipment, large square balers and planters.

“The specifications are great to be able to expand our lineup on the base Kubota has right now especially in the hay tool business,” Brown adds.

More on the M8 tractor can be found at and a dealer locator will soon be available on the website.

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