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Be on the lookout this fall

COOKSVILLE – Combine operators are encouraged to be on the lookout for winter annual weeds while traveling up and down fields this fall.

“The best time of the year to be evaluating is now and we’ll get those sprayed so we don’t have issues next spring,” Doug Matlock, a Brandt Consolidated plant manager, told the Central Illinois Farm Network.

Matlock’s crew has been busy with fall preparations such as working on anhydrous ammonia bars and looking over soil test results for fall fertilizer application needs. Matlock reports growers in the Cooksville area have started to harvest crops as a few bean fields are out. He doesn’t have a good handle on yields just yet but hopes for the best.

“We’ve been in a few corn fields evaluating maturity.”

June planted corn is still around a week away from black layer in some spots.

The Brandt Consolidated Cooksville facility can be reached at 309-725-3710.

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