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Plenty of traits to choose from

Yale Young explains soybean traits during the recent Brandt field day at Lexington / CIFN photo.

LEXINGTON – Growers are heading into another growing season with more soybean options in the marketplace.

It is a good idea to talk about the different traits and platforms with your ag retailers and neighbors. One of the traits is the Xtendiflex bean which is not yet grain approved. This is tolerant to dicamba, Liberty and glyphosate.

“Seed beans are planted and they are going to be harvested this fall, granted there is only going to be probably five to 10 percent of these beans available in the marketplace,” explains Yale Young a seed advisor for Brandt Consolidated.

GT27 is the glyphosate tolerant Liberty bean. Growers cannot spray Balance on them but can still use them with Liberty and glyphosate. Enlist is another tool for growers to use in handling tough weeds like waterhemp.

Young discussed these various trait platforms during the recent Brandt Consolidated field day at the Lexington research farm.

Harvest update:

We are starting to see the harvest of April planted corn in Central Illinois which likely black layered during the first part of September. Also, corn planted the third week of May is black layering but the June planted corn still has a ways to go.

“Planting date has such a key role into where it’s going to be but obviously, black layer is 32 percent then we need drying days after that,” Young said.

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