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More MFP payments coming

(CIFN file photo)

It appears more payments are coming to farmers via the Market Facilitation Program.

Sign-up begins Monday (July 29) and ends Dec. 6. Growers should check for more information on how to apply. The first payment will be comprised of the higher of either 50 percent of a producer’s calculated payment or $15 per acre and will be made in mid to late August.

The MFP payments will be made in up to three portions with the second and third evaluated depending on trade opportunities and market conditions, according to USDA. If conditions warrant, the second payment would be made in November with the third in early January.

MFP is part of an effort to help farmers whose commodities have been impacted directly by tariffs.

Sources say Livingston County farmers are expected to receive $75/acre with McLean County at $82/acre.

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