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Jenner holds annual field day

A large sprayer displayed at Jenner Precision of Fairbury last week / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – It may have been hot outside last week but it was pleasantly cool inside the shop of Jenner Precision located west of Fairbury.

The company held its annual field day event giving farmers the chance to see all of the products they offer such as technology from Ag Leader and Precision Planting and accessories from 360 Yield Center. A pork chop meal was also served.

Manager Bryan Fehr says stalk devastators seem to be the big thing these days.

“If you are running stalk stompers (on your corn head), you need to go to devastators,” Fehr said.

Fehr notes that two years of Precision Planting Precision Technology Institute (PTI) data has shown that 300 acres can pay for an eight row set which is less than one year for payback.

If you are looking ahead to technology for harvest season, Jenner Precision offers yield monitors from both Ag Leader and Precision Planting.

For more information, visit and click on “precision” or call 815-692-6655.

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