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Turning the calendar back would help

Tim McGreal finishes spraying a field of beans between Chatsworth and Cullom last week / CIFN photo.

CHATSWORTH – When glancing at fields in east central Illinois, everything looks good but things would look much better if we could turn back the hands of time.

“If we could just turn back the calendar 30 to 45 days, I think we’d be looking at a really good crop,” said Tim McGreal who farms near Chatsworth and operates Nu-Ag Technology.

McGreal acknowledges the corn and bean fields planted in June have a long way to go, but crops planted early on look good. McGreal sprayed a field of beans last week that was planted April 26 utilizing hydraulic downforce and swath control with Ag Leader products.

“They’re still not as big as they should be but they’ve got a good jump on things.”

Nu-Ag has noticed an increased interest in tile plows due to the misfortune of prevent plant acres. Growers have decided to make the most of the situation by tiling. Nu-Ag has planned a demo day for Aug. 21 featuring the Soil Max Gold Digger tile plow. Wheat is currently growing in that field directly north of Chatsworth.

“Maybe we can get a lot accomplished this summer on some of these unfortunate fields we couldn’t get planted,” McGreal said.

For more information about Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth, call 815-635-3011 or visit the website

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