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View from the Cab: Making memories

After a busy week of planter preparations and another roller coaster ride in the weather department, it was nice to have an afternoon of fun with my son the other day.

Since school dismissed early last Tuesday, Kasen was able to help me wash the tractor and look for wet spots in the field. I taught him how to properly handle the wand of the pressure washer, which is no easy feat for a little guy. We also cruised up and down the field on the ATV to see if the dirt was finally drying out. It was although more rain later in the week pretty much put a damper on any hopes of field activity. I even saw a neighboring farmer drive his pickup truck through the field to check on drying progress.

I taught Kasen about the different shades of gray in the soil and how to tell from glancing if conditions are too wet for fieldwork. We even got off the ATV for a few minutes for a quick agricultural lesson on soils and the bare fields. Like we say on the farm – teach them young!

Driving through the field also allowed us to practice our straight lines for the upcoming season.

Kasen and I later found the old Daisy BB gun that belonged to my brother when he was a kid. We had no BB’s on hand, but the kid got a crash course in safety, how to pump air and where to aim. I think we have a Ralphie in the making although we don’t have an official Red Rider gun. For those of you that don’t know, I am referring to “A Christmas Story” from 1983 – a popular movie at our home each holiday season.

We made more family memories during the recent spring break from school. While others soaked up the sun on the beaches of Florida, we soaked up the cool air of Illinois. The weather finally cooperated late in the week for the kids to play in the yard. Break was busy as we took “staycations” to Bloomington and Pontiac.

It was nice to finally see some field activity happening in the neighborhood early last week before the cold rain moved in Wednesday morning. I saw a couple of sprayers in the field while other farmers were burning excess debris which washed-up with winter rains. A few guys would have been planting by now if we had an extra day or two of 70-degree temperatures. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a decent weather window later in the month.

(The View from the Cab is powered each week by Petersen Chevy-Buick in Fairbury)

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