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Watch for ag placemats

(photo courtesy of LCSWCD)

PONTIAC – Colorful placemats can be found at area restaurants and coffee shops to celebrate National Agriculture Day in the month of March.

These placemats showcase the winning designs of two Livingston County students who were participants in a Placemat Design Contest that was sponsored by the Agricultural Literacy Partnership of Livingston County’s Soil and Water Conservation District, Farm Bureau, and University of Illinois Extension. The theme, “Celebrate Illinois Agriculture” encouraged students in grades 1-4 to recognize the many things that Illinois agriculture provides to them.

Students traced familiar items (food, clothing, or fuel) back to the Illinois farm, where it begins. There were two grade divisions for judging, Grades 1-2 and Grades 3-4. Awards were presented to the top three entries in each division and the first place entries now have their designs printed on full-color placemats.

These Ag Day placemats will be found in area restaurants the week of March 10-16, 2019. The winners are: Grades 1 & 2 1st Place Jessi Myers – Flanagan Elementary (Grade 1) 2nd Place Clara Longeville – Flanagan Elementary (Grade 1) 3rd Place Madeline Lehmann – Prairie Central Elementary (Grade 2) Grades 3 & 4 1st Place Trinity Cheek – St. Mary’s School (Grade 4) 2nd Place Claire Schneider - Flanagan Elementary (Grade 4) 3rd Place Reese Wehri – St. Mary’s School (Grade 4)

Kindergarten Students Learn That Farmers Grow Many Different Crops & Animals! In a separate contest, Kindergarten students received coloring sheets using the “Celebrate Illinois Agriculture” theme. Students learned that Illinois farmers grow many different crops and care for animals that become our food, fiber and fuel.

Every contest participant received the “ABC’s of Illinois Agriculture” coloring book. The top three are: 1st Place Jaxx Hitchens – Tri-Point Elementary 2nd Place Liam Henrichs – St. Paul School 3rd Place Savanna Miller – Flanagan Elementary

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