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Dec. weather poses a challenge

Anhydrous tanks and an applicator are parked in an area field Sunday / CIFN photo.

COOKSVILLE – The heavy storm system which spawned tornadoes the first of the month across the state also dumped some impressive rain on the region putting a halt to fieldwork.

Ponding in fields is slowing progress after .7 to 1.8 inches fell in the area served by the Cooksville Brandt Consolidated location in Mclean County. Plant manager Doug Matlock hopes for another opportunity for dry fertilizer and anhydrous applications before year end.

“We’ll be cautious if we do get that opportunity to go out there so we don’t cause any issues,” Matlock explained.

Since growers can’t control Mother Nature, many are shifting gears to start preparations for the 2019 season by discussing chemical and fertilizer programs along with future seed needs.

“Hopefully everybody will have a wonderful holiday season and a safe season at that,” Matlock added.

The Brandt Cooksville location can be reached at 309-725-3710.

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