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View from the Cab: Signs of summer

Kent's muddy jeans from power washing farm equipment / CIFN photo.

There are plenty of signs that we are officially in the midst of summer around here.

Sweetcorn is all over the place. My social media newsfeeds are blowing up with photos of sweetcorn patches and people standing next to them. One gentleman even asked on Facebook if anyone knew where sweetcorn was available in Fairbury. The local supermarkets advertise this summer treat in their weekly ads and a few local growers can be spotted at roadside stands in area towns.

Our family will have access to a couple of sweetcorn patches this summer but they aren’t quite ready yet. Lucky for us, that means our sweetcorn experience will last well into July. A generous neighbor offered us some the other day and it was delicious. We took the whole family to the neighbor’s farm for a picking party. Actually, Rebecca and I picked it while the kids watched, or should I say “supervised.” Someone had to watch out for that small electric fence after all.

One day last week was spent behind the magical wand of the pressure washer as I cleaned up farm equipment. I chose the day with a heat advisory of 100 to do this. You wouldn’t think it would be a warm job, but it is when the mist isn’t hitting you. I sprayed Rebecca and the kids off as they drove by on the golf cart. Somehow I got the bad end of that deal.

Who needs the Wisconsin Dells or Indiana Beach when you have a small plastic pool and Slip ‘n Slide at home? Our yard looks like a mini water park. When I say mini, I mean it. The kids seem to enjoy it and that’s all that matters. I must admit it felt pretty nice to put my feet in that cold water after my warm pressure washing experience.

Another sure sign of summer is this week’s busy fair schedule here in Central Illinois. Fairs in Iroquois, Champaign, and Livingston counties are happening along with the Farmer City/DeWitt County Fair. This means corn dogs and funnel cakes for everyone! I will be doing live broadcasts at the Central Illinois Farm Network booth during the Livingston County Fair at Pontiac. Make sure you stop by and say hello.

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