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Haag new president of IPPA

Mike Haag of Livingston County is the newest president of the IL Pork Producers / CIFN photo.

SPRINGFIELD – Livingston County’s own Mike Haag is the newest president of the Illinois Pork Producers Association.

Haag took on the role during the IPPA annual meeting this week in Springfield. Haag, who farms near Emington, works with his father and brother in law to buy 17,000 weaned pigs per year – raising them to market weight. The Haags also grow corn and soybeans.

“It’s such a privilege to actually help represent this industry,” Haag said at the IPPA award luncheon Tuesday.

Haag considers the Illinois pork industry one of the bright spots of the state and enjoys the opportunity to meet producers from all over. He challenged everyone in agriculture to stay involved.

“Every time you give, you’ll get twice as much back.”

Serving in the IPPA officer rotation since 2004, Haag has served every role. He has also served on each committee during the course of his terms. Haag also serves on various national committees and helps at local ag events. Haag and his wife, Trisha, have three children, Kaleb, Brooke and Kacie.

“It’s an exciting time for Illinois pork,” Haag added. “We have been able to expand the swine industry in the past couple of years. 2018 appears to have potential for a profitable year for our producers here in the state.”

Other officers elected for 2018 include: Pam Janssen of Minonk, president-elect and Alan Kollmann, secretary.

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