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Tech update with Nu-Ag

(CIFN file photo)

CHATSWORTH – With all of the nice weather this fall, there has been a decent window for tile work.

Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth has been getting customers set up with new tile plows and trained on how to use them. The business is a dealer for Soil Max tile plows among other ag products.

“It’d be a great opportunity for somebody to get in and get started on a new one,” said Tim McGreal, owner of Nu-Ag. “We’ve struggled to keep new ones in here and we’ve seen some used demand on tile plows that brought top value.”

Nu-Ag’s J.D. Skaggs has been busy in the office creating tile designs as the weather has been cooperating, according to McGreal. Anyone with questions about tiling or seeking more information can call 815-635-3011 or visit

It may be hard to believe now, but some are looking ahead to spring planting for 2018. McGreal says hydraulic down force and electric drives are some of the many options available for growers in the precision agriculture industry.

Look for Nu-Ag Technology at the upcoming Midwest Ag Expo at Gordyville. Nu-Ag’s display is located right in the middle of the large exhibit area across from West Lafayette Agri-Sales.

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