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Tremendous potential for beans

Photo courtesy of Bryan Lessen, LG Seeds / for the CIFN.

MINONK – Soybeans have tremendous potential if we keep getting timely rains during August, but last month’s heat may have taken the top out of the corn crop.

“There still should be trendline yields or somewhere thereabouts,” said Bryan Lessen of LG Seeds.

In the counties Lessen covers here in Central Illinois, he is noticing some tipback and corn is beginning to dent in some places, which is ahead of schedule. Lessen believes the corn will lose some kernel depth.

“Those guys that went ahead and sprayed a fungicide even though we didn’t see a lot of disease presence are going to be big winners,” Lessen said.

As farmers are out in the combine cabs this fall, Lessen hopes they look closely at the soybeans.

“We need to be thinking about 90 to 100 bushel soybeans which are achievable.”

For some, this may even mean planting soybeans prior to corn in the spring. A few more nodes or a bigger plant size can greatly benefit the yield outcome in the fall.

Seed ordering season is almost here and Lessen says if growers are thinking of ordering newer products, they need to let their local seed representative know to ensure availability. He also suggests letting the rep know of soybean traits to be planted in the coming year. Lessen believes the days of straight Roundup beans are behind us, but traits like Xtend and Liberty may be sold out.

For more information, you can catch LG Seeds at the upcoming Farm Progress Show in Decatur at the end of the month or call Lessen at 309-660-5974.

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