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Over 700 served at farmer breakfast

People wait for breakfast Saturday morning at Kilgus Farmstead near Fairbury / CIFN photo.

More than 700 people enjoyed breakfast on the farm for only a dollar Saturday morning near Fairbury.

The annual Farmer’s Share breakfast from the Livingston County Farm Bureau Young Leaders held at Kilgus Farmstead was considered a success by event organizers. The dollar represents the share a farmer gets from the ingredients which go into the breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, milk, orange juice and coffee.

“We need to answer those questions the people have every day about what happens on the farm,” said Young Leader member Jake Ralph. “We cooked an awful lot of eggs. We are on about our fourth box.”

Young Leader Chad Trachsel said the group plans for this event several months in advance and they were hoping to surpass last year’s number of attendees. He praised the work the Kilgus family does on the farm.

“They just do a tremendous job out here and a lot of work goes into this farm ahead of time preparing for it.”

The amount of food used for the meal was impressive: 30 gallons of gravy, 720 biscuits, 45 gallons of milk and 125 dozen eggs. Those were just the numbers at the start of the event. The totals likely changed by the end of the morning as more people showed up to eat.

Marla Behrends of Midwest Dairy Association was teaching kids about the dairy industry, letting them know where milk comes from. She is always impressed with the farm tours given at Kilgus Farmstead.

“You can show the kids what it’s like to raise those dairy cows that give us nutritious milk. Then as you go into the farm store here, you can see all of those things that are made out of milk.”

Mary Vaughan was busy promoting Dairy Month at the Forrest Fireflies booth. The 4-H club provided informational handouts and other items to those attending the breakfast. Members of the Forrest Fireflies have been busy preparing projects for fair season since entries are due soon. They also participated in community service projects such as cleaning a local cemetery for Memorial Day.

“We’re just a busy bunch of fireflies,” Vaughan said.

Vaughan credits the club’s success to a supportive group of parents who are always willing to help. More information on the Forrest Fireflies can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

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