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Donations made to FFA, 4-H

(Pictured from left to right: Brett Haas, Crop Copter Co-owner and Sales Manager, Angie Barnard, Illinois 4-H Foundation Executive Director, Lisa Bouillion Diaz, Illinois 4-H Director, and Cynthia Bruno, Agrible, Inc. Chief Strategy Officer.)

Two Central Illinois companies, Agrible, Inc. and Crop Copter, recently presented donations to the Illinois FFA and Illinois 4-H on behalf of a campaign they organized recognizing future ag leaders and their importance in the agriculture community. At a recent trade show event, Agrible and Crop Copter asked participants what they wanted to see for the future of agriculture. “For every person who stopped by the booth and told us about the kind of ag company they wanted to see for future generations, we made a donation to Illinois FFA or 4-H,” said Agrible’s Chief Strategy Officer, Cynthia Bruno. “If participants told others about it, we chipped in even more.” Donations were accepted by Krystal Jungmann, Illinois FFA Foundation Major Gifts Associate, Cody Suddeth, Illinois FFA State Treasurer, and Paxton Morse, Illinois FFA State Vice President. Bruno said, “We heard what the agriculture community wants in an ag company, and we're working hard to make sure that's a reality for future generations.”

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