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Warming temps mean more weeds

CROPSEY – As the weather warms, we will likely see more weeds out in the fields of Central Illinois.

Growers can expect to start seeing some of the small-seeded broadleaves emerge with the onset of warm weather.

“Butterweed seems to be a prevalent weed to the east,” explains Bryan Cole, plant manager for the Cropsey Brandt Consolidated location. “You’ll start seeing lambsquarter and velvet leaf come to the surface.”

According to Cole, winter annuals are just about finished for the year. This is evident from the henbit dying off in fields and turning brown.

Cole says farmers in his area had a “fast and furious” push to get corn into the ground back in April. The corn was planted quickly and a few soybeans are in the ground around Cropsey. Cole recommends scouting fields to see how the young crops look after all of the recent wet and cool weather.

Brandt’s Cropsey location can be reached at 309-377-3121.

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