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View from the Cab: Always Learning

(CIFN photo)

I had my learning hat on the other day as I joined other local farmers in learning about the latest technology offerings from 360 Yield Center and Precision Planting.

Atkins Seed Service at Weston hosted the annual spring refresher meeting with company representatives on hand to answer questions and present information. A regional agronomy manager for 360 Yield Center said we need to be able to better manage things and do a better job of maximizing yield. The seven wonders of corn yield include: weather, nitrogen, hybrid, previous crop, plant population, tillage and growth regulators.

Precision Planting’s Eric Huber ran through some important planter tips before giving an overview of the monitor in the tractor cab. He said to get to 500 bushel corn, you must start with the proper seed stand out in the field. There are only five basic things a planter can error on including population, spacing, compaction, singulation and emergence. The idea is to try and get seeds to emerge simultaneously.

“That planter must be level,” Huber explained. “A lot of things effect emergence that have nothing to do with adding a fancy product to the planter.”

According to Huber, a planter’s parallel arms must be level and worn bolts should be replaced prior to planting. Growers should also look over all opening disks and the gauge wheels should be tight up against those disks. The folks from Precision Planting say an emergence issue will usually cost you more than a compaction issue.

Thanks to Dale, Dean and the entire Atkins gang for another informative meeting and thanks to the ladies for a tasty lunch! Where will I eat – I mean learn – this week? You will have to check back next week to find out.

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